Get the latest State of Homelessness in the Capital Region Report

Informing Public Opinion

Homelessness is a solvable problem and the Coalition is a leading voice in informing the public on what the state of homelessness looks like in our communities and on the policy and program solutions in place that are working to end it.

Awareness Building and Advocacy

Awareness building and advocacy is critical to bringing about positive changes in policies and programs on the local level. The Coalition actively engages with our local legislative officials and larger community in awareness building activities and advocacy efforts to ensure the support of those policies and programs working to end homelessness.

Systems Collaboration

The Coalition works with various sectors of the community like local legislative officials, direct service providers, the academic community, and the business community to develop meaningful strategies to end homelessness.

Four Counties Strong, and Growing Stronger

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State of Homelessness

Each year, the Coalition conducts an analysis of homelessness, populations experiencing homelessness, and the unmet need in the Capital Region of New York State. This report serves as the cornerstone of our advocacy and educational efforts as the information contained in this report is presented to our legislative officials and community stakeholders to ensure that they know what homelessness looks like in our communities. Please view the 2016 State of Homelessness in the Capital Region Report

Legislative Visits

Coalition members visit our local legislative officials and other community stakeholders to present the State of Homelessness and advocate for the needed resources to end homelessness in our communities. It is our goal to ensure that homelessness and affordable housing needs remain at the forefront of the legislative process. Additionally, we request our legislatures and community stakeholders to attend our yearly Homelessness Awareness Month Kick-Off Media Event.